•We are here to educate you on all your options so you can see the financial impact no matter what direction you choose.
•We provide a SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON for each option.
•We have no agenda and there is NO COST!
• Get cash in 7 days
• List the property as-is
• List for top dollar – Update/Improve
• Rent the property & maintain as an investment
• Stay – Expand/Update/Improve
• SHOW ME THE MONEY! What do you put in your pocket
• Value of the property as is
• Value of the property after expansion/update/improvements
• Total cost of construction (licensed & bonded)
• Time frame to complete construction
• How quickly the property will sell or rent
• How long to expect a return on investment
Below are items that will be discussed during the home inspection.
There are so many factors that go into pricing a home correctly, especially if you’re looking to sell your house fast. These factors can change weekly or even daily as the market waivers. However, it’s important to bear in mind that every house will sell at some price point.
At Murray Realty Team, we know the market and the mindset of buyers and can give you an assessment of what your home will bring “as-is”. We also work with licensed and bonded contractors that can provide updates if needed to help you bring your home to prime value. Often in very loved on and lived in homes, you will consistently hear “dated” as feedback. This can be a very easy and fairly inexpensive fix, to bring more value to your home.
Depending on your situation and goal of selling, oftentimes renting can be a very good option. Investment rentals can be a good source of long-term income and a great option for your retirement planning.
At Murray Realty Team, we can help analyze your home to determine if keeping it as an investment rental would be a good option for you. We work with a local Property Management Company to handle all facets of your rental…being a landlord doesn’t mean you have to take on a new part-time job.
Sometimes the goal of selling a home comes from the urgent necessity to move. Below are several benefits of selling for cash.
• Pay no closing costs
• Pay no commissions
• Make no repairs
• No holding costs
• No open houses to deal with
• No need to keep your house clean for showings
• No strangers through your home at all hours and on the weekends
One final option, which will typically be considered a last resort, is to choose to not sell your home and stay put. It’s not something anyone wants to have to do once deciding to sell their home, but it does happen.
Murray Realty Team can help you analyze what your goals were for selling and determine if staying and possibly doing some updates would be the best option for you. We work with licensed and bonded contractors that can take your vision and make your current home HGTV worthy!
—>>>Wrapping Up<<<—
Selling your home can seem overwhelming at times and you just need someone that is there to help you make an educated decision based on your individual needs.
While not all of the scenarios we’ve presented are ideal for your personal situation, it’s important to evaluate your options as soon as possible and think about which paths of action might be right for you.
It’s also imperative to enlist the help of knowledgeable professionals, including licensed real estate experts, qualified mortgage brokers, licensed contractors and professional property management companies.
Murray Realty Team has invested many years in learning the market and gathering professional partners to help our clients make the best decision for their specific situation. Our relationship with these partners benefits our clients by providing a one-stop, concierge type service that is here to serve all of your needs.
Murray Realty Team is here to help guide you the education and execution of all things Real Estate!
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